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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Dusting Off & Current State Of Affairs

The last time I touched this blog was in 2014. A lot's changed and I've certainly grown as a developer. Here's what to expect from this blog in the future.

Quercus Games and the Rocky Journey

Currently, I'm developing with my game studio, Quercus Games. ChaosEnsues Productions paved the way to 2xH Studios which paved the way to Quercus Games.  The team houses 2 software engineers, 3 artists, 3 writers, and one composer.

Since Quercus Games has started, we've shelved our first (admittedly overambitious) project, Project Zephyr. It's certainly a passion project for most of the team and something we'll be collectively visiting in the future after we ship a title or two. Additionally, we've tentatively shelved a Ludum Dare game that we've all agreed to continue development on - Project Kudzu. While we're not off to a stellar start, we need to identify a project that we all agree on, all have a passion for, and are willing to walk across the finish line without overwhelming ourselves or shooting too high. It's been a learning process for everyone involved up to this point.

My Role in QG
Pretty recently, I discussed openly with the team that I wanted to go into Tools Engineering exclusively. I've always had a passion for making life easier for people and I've had a blast working on our internal editor for Project Zephyr. Got VERY far with it too and had several very interesting features planned for it.

Simply put, while my skills in software engineering have indeed improved - I still struggle with a lot of basic concepts and things that are considered 'common knowledge' or basic skills. Network programming, anything involving high levels of math, things that I would get laughed out of an interview for not having as a foundation.

Just like before, I'm going to use this blog to outline my insane thoughts, concepts, and progress. Previously, I used this as a platform to shout empty and unfulfilled promises to a nearly nonexistent audience and would like to not do that. I want this blog to stay a dumping ground for my thoughts, ramblings, and overt opinions.

Until next time.

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